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Cj Killawno was born Carl Anthony Tuckett, his passion for the arts started at an early age both for music and drawing and was talented in both areas, he was introduced to the then JBC television program called 'Its A Smart World' while only seven years old and attending Half Way Tree primary school and was well received for his own composition which he delivered quite well.

He was also a past student of Tivoli Comprehensive High School, where he shared classes with the likes of ghost and culture the famous duo in the late 80s. Cj says we all used to sit in class together Culture a dj Ghost a sing and me a rap; he giggled, he was known in school then as TC. At age 16 Cj Killawno met the famous Robbie Shakespear from the famous duo sly and Robbie, Killawno then fascinated with rap music had mastered the craft doing reggae rap, Robbie shakespear liked him for his style of music and how he delivered and thought he was talented.

He (Robbie shakespear) inturn introduced killawno to Danny Brownie of mainstreet records fame, the producer also liked killawno's craft and welcomed him into his camp then named 'One At A Time Studio' later renamed Main Street Records. Cj Killawno becamed stable mates with the likes of Fragga Roots, General Degree, Papa San, Junior Tucker and many more famous acts.

Being a favourite of Danny Brownie, he was on the verge when he fell into vocal troubles which had him out of the studios for a while, on recovery he linked up with Danny's brother, Noel Brownie at Castro Brown's new name recording studio at that time and did the single 'Jenny' under the New Name Label when he was 17 years old a spin off song of General Degree's hit single 'Granny'.

Killawno voiced for many recording studios including Junior Reid's 'One Blood Recording Studio', Calbut Recording Studio, Bingae Production Recording Studio which release three singles for Cj Killawno in the year 2000. One of the songs did well entering the top ten charts in Amsterdam, titled 'Croton' the video for the song did well also locally and became a hit music video on CVM TV estrip, and also on TVJ's Video Alley video show.

Killawno went away overseas, and when he returned home he opened a Tattoo and Piercing parlor in Montego bay St James, and became a pioneer in the craft

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